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Sometimes persistance is a good idea

June 28, 2007

Weird night at the tables last night.

Due to a drop in confidence and some losses recently I’m back down at $.05/$.10 when playing cash games. As ever, these tables are littered with fish, but occasionally you can get 3 or 4 players that know what they’re doing and have a good game.

Last night started out very much in the ‘lots of fish’ camp. Within a couple of orbits I’d lost relatively big pots with AA, QQ, TT and on two occasions where I had AJ v A10, and the A10 guy flopped two pair.

I initially bought in for $10, then when that went, put in another $5. When that second buy-in was gone, I was on the verge of leaving the table, but one of the fish was taunting me to come back (he saw the flop something like 90% of the time when he was at the table).

Against my initial feelings, I bought in for another $5. Suddenly, everything started going well. I picked up a couple of big hands to get rid of the fish that had taunted me, and a few good players joined the table enabling some ‘real’ play (where people actually knew what the fold button was for). This gave some scope for making some moves that would get respect, and not have some donkey call you down to the river with bottom pair to hit his miracle 2 outer…

Soon I was back level at $20, and not long after that was $20 up.

I think it all goes to reinforce what I’ve been feeling: I can play against ‘good’ players, but just can’t handle fish properly. I guess it’s time for another decision as to whether I’m gonna carry on grinding it out at the lower levels hoping to build up a bankroll so that I can move up, or just bite the bullet, stick a load of cash in and move straight up to something like $.50/$1 to try to play against a ‘better’ field of players.

Thinking cap on…

Live cash game

June 21, 2007

Luned had a load of work to do last night, so suggested I go to Dave H’s place for a cash game (I hadn’t been planning to attend).

So, I went, figuring I’d give it a couple of hours and see how it went. Started well, winning a big pot early on. A few hands later though I was back to my starting stack of £50.

Went up and down for a while, before beginning a steadily downward spiral. Got bluffed off a couple of pots which is annoying, but I really didn’t think I had enough to call with.

Ended up down to about £6, and getting KJ off. Figured it was time to try and double up and ended up all in against Dave H. He turned over 10 10 (about the best kind of hand I could wish to be against) and I spiked a Jack on the turn to double through.

A few hands later, and it was me and Dave H again. In the big blind, I looked down at KQ off. Dave H raised to £1.50 (blinds were 25p / 50p). Everyone else folded, and I called.

The flop was a dream AJ 10, two hearts. I checked, Dave bet £5. I min-raised to £10, and Dave put me all in. Obviously I called, and Dave turned over pockets aces, giving him trips.

Basically he had 7 outs on the flop (the remaining ace, 3 Jacks and 3 10s). The turn was a blank, effectively giving him 3 more outs to pair the board. The river was (all too predictably) the case Ace.

So, I can’t even win when I flop the nuts!

Poker is a cruel game sometimes…

First experiment with poker and alcohol!

June 18, 2007

On Saturday evening, a small group of us met at Mark’s place for a night of small tournaments before him and Dave H head off to Vegas.

For the first time (partly linked to the departure of my Westfield earlier in the day) I decided to take a bit to drink with me. Started with a half-bottle of red wine, but that didn’t last long (partly due to Mark giving me a pint glass to drink it from!), so Luned was sent for with a refill.

1.5 bottles of wine, and 3 tournaments later, the results were:

  • 4th place (bubble) going out when my AA was beaten by AQ suited.
  • 3rd place (paid!)
  • 2nd place (again paid!)

In the first tourney I had an incredible run of cards. Inside the first orbit I’d had AA, JJ, AK and 99. I still think I played a pretty good game though, making a couple of moves on people who put me on a winning hand when I didn’t have it.

I do think I played some of the best poker ever, not sure whether it was the alcohol loosening me up a little, or just being in a better frame of mind.

Hmm…worth considering for the future though!

Event cancelled

June 14, 2007

Had to cancel an event last night due to lack of interest. Adam kindly offered the use of his place and I was looking forward to adding another venue to our list.

However, the day before the event there were only 4 players signed up (including Adam and myself!) and then one dropped out. There was some discussion as to whether 3 people was really enough for a decent game, and it was decided to cancel the event as a result of this.

Hopefully we can reschedule another event at Adam’s place soon, and this one will be better attended.

However, that’s now two events in recent days that have had a poor turnout. Is it just that people have better things to do, or is there some other reason?

Report from Dave’s Lucky Lady Lounge II

June 11, 2007

Very disappointing turnout for the event on Saturday. Andy has just moved house so didn’t have access to the Internet (and hence forgot), and we had one no-show.

So, Dave, Mark, Lee and myself sat down and played the £10 second chance as planned. First tourney was going relatively well for me before my top pair was outdrawn by Mark’s flush draw. My rebuy didn’t last too much longer either, and I ended up being first out. I did feel I was playing much more aggressive poker though, not sure if the short handed format was better for me or what?

First tourney was over by about 22:15, so we went pretty much straight into another one with the same format. I tried to play the same game as in the first one, and this time it worked out much better for me.

Ended up heads-up against Mark, and (I can’t rememeber the last time this happened) Andy Wins!

Ended the evening with a profit of £10 (two £10 second chances with a rebuy in each – £50 for winning the second), but was much more pleased with the way I played than anything.

Need to work out now if it’s the short handed nature that helped, or whether I was just in a more ‘agressive’ frame of mind?

Something to work on at any rate.

Lucky Lady Lounge II

June 9, 2007

Another visit to Dave Hartnoll’s ‘Lucky Lady Lounge’ this evening. Supposed to be a second chance event, but we currently don’t have too many people down to attend so we may change it to a deep stack if everyone else agrees.

Have to be home relatively early though, just in case I receive a call in the morning!

Tournaments, cash games and Christmas turkey!

December 12, 2006

Well, been a while since I updated this, so I’ll try to remember what’s been going on.

Since the big tourney at the KC Club, I’ve been back playing my usual cash games online. Mixed success, but generally a positive trend so I’m relatively happy with the way I’m playing at the moment. The small downward ‘blip’ after the KC Club event appears to have been short-lived, which is good!

Had a bit of a disappointment in a couple of fairly large MTTs, going out on the bubble in both of them with pocket pairs.

In the first I was seriously short stacked at the final table, with the chip leader to my left. I had pocket fours, and went all in for what was barely a minimum raise. The chip leader announced ‘I have to call’ and showed 67 suited. Obviously, a 7 came and that was the end of my tourney.

About a week later I was in slightly better shape, and we were heading down from the high 40s players remaining down to the paying positions of 45th and upwards. In good position I was dealt pocket Jacks, and raised all in (about 4 times the big blind). Again I was called, my one caller showing King rag off-suit. Obviously, a King came, and once it did I looked to the bottom of the table to see ‘Players: 46’. Yet again I was the bubble boy!

Saturday the 9th was the Swindon Poker Live Christmas meal at the Running Horse in Swindon. About 15 of us sat down to eat mid afternoon, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

Then, in the early evening we all invaded Mark’s place for our first ‘deep-stack’ tourney. Instead of our usual 2500 starting chips, with blinds starting at 25/50 and rounds of 20 minutes, we all started with 5000 chips, the same starting blinds but with 30 minute rounds.

We were up to round five before the first person went out (when a short stack bet out all in, into my pocket Aces), and the game went on until about 1:45 the next morning.

I made it well into the final table of 8 players (we were paying the top 4) when I was dealt pocket threes in the small blind. The button (Dave Redshaw who is known to make the odd move) made a standard raise, and I called for about a quarter of my stack. I’d pretty much decided it was gonna be all in or fold on the flop. The flop came K 3 blank, rainbow with no straight draws, what appeared a dream flop for my threes.

I checked, and Dave pushed all in behind me. Knowing I had him covered, I immediately called and flipped over my threes. He showed QQ, and a Queen came on the turn, leaving me drawing virtually dead to the one remaining 3 (which didn’t come). Dave Hartnoll could be heard to comment ‘Poor old Andy never seems to get much luck in these games’ 🙂

So, I was crippled basically, and despite a bit of a rally (catching a miracle straight when I couldn’t even make up the big blind when holding 67) I ended up going out in 4th place, receiving £50 (a profit of £20).

I then squandered most of this in a cash game afterwards, leaving me with a profit on the night of £4.50. Not bad for about 8 hours work!

Still, I think everyone enjoyed the different format, and hopefully it’ll be something we can add to our repertoire in the future.

One more game planned for 2006, and then hopefully we’ll be heading into 2007 with some new ideas, and I can maintain my record of cashing out in live games (the last 3 live events I’ve attended have seen me leaving with a profit).

Plus we’ll have the added bonus of seeing how one of our members does at the EPT event in Deauville in February. I hope he remembers me if he wins big! 🙂 

Variance, cockiness or just one of those things?

November 23, 2006

Ok, after things appearing to go well for a week or two, I seem to have slipped back into my old habits. Or is it just one of those things?

After the KC Club tourney on Saturday, I played in a $1000 freeroll on Paddy Power. I finished 251st of 470, which while Ok (I guess) isn’t as good as some of my recent finishes there.

So, I moved into a cash game, and never really got going. I ended up leaving the table after a couple of hours showing a small (about $1.50) loss.

Then, on Tuesday I played my usual cash game, and again never really got going. I was up for a while, but eventually lost my $20. Last night I did the same, playing two cash games, and losing $20 in each.

So, since winning £40 (about $75) on Saturday night, I’m now down just over $60.

Is this just normal variance? Am I getting over confident and slipping back into some bad habits, or am I just not on my game since the weekend?

I guess there’s only one way to find out. Next time at the table I’ll be trying to play a better game than I have been, and see if it’s just a concentration thing…

Watch this space.

First tourney at the KC Club

November 20, 2006

On Saturday we held our first tournament at the KC Club. 38 people played, with prizes for the first 8 finishers ranging from £230 down to £30.

Had a really good night, although being TD as well as playing in such a big event did lead to some stress at times! A computer glitch losing all the history for the first 22 players to bust out did nothing to help settle my nerves either!

We had to reduce the round times towards the end to fit in with our curfew (which we overran slightly despite this) so the final table all went in a bit of a blur really. Perhaps we need to consider starting earlier for events of this size, maybe starting in the afternoon and then having a break for food at some point?

Still, for a first event I think it went very well. Most people I spoke to seemed to have enjoyed it, and there weren’t too many negative comments during or after the event.

I think I played fairly solidly for most of the event, making the final table with a fairly healthy stack. The blinds were getting big then, so when I made my all-in move with K9 I didn’t hold out too much hope. My opponent showed something like QJ though, so it wasn’t all over. The obligatory J did kill me though, and I left in 5th place with a £40 profit.

The final table finished as follows:

  1. Paul Hunt (£230)
  2. Roscoe Passant (£130)
  3. Aaron Chilcott (£90)
  4. Alan Croton (£80)
  5. Andy Hawkins (£60)
  6. Rich Vincent (£50)
  7. Donna Redshaw (£40)
  8. Danni Walker (£30)

On the whole, I think it was a very successful night, and I hope we’ll be back there again in the future.

Another good few days

November 13, 2006

Had another good few days at the tables, both online and live.

On Thursday we went down to the KC club to check out what they were like when we were actually playing. Had a great night, and I’m not just saying that because I cashed in the second sit-n-go I played! Ended up heads up with Kenny, and slow played my pocket QQs from the short stack in the small blind. An 8 high flop looked pretty good to me, so I went all in, and Kenny quickly called.

He was holding an 8, and another came on the river. Oh well, that’s poker! Still, leaving with a profit of £30 on the night wasn’t too bad on the whole.

Over the weekend I played some more online and had generally good results. Made about $20 on 3 of the 4 cash tables I played in (currently I’m playing $.1 / $.2, generally sitting down with $20) and finished 8th of 107 in a $25 + $2.5 MTT on Sunday evening, getting about $80 for my trouble.

Lesson from the weekend? I must remember to make the adjustment from playing in the final 2 tables with 5 players on each, to going to the final table with 9 players. I neglected to switch my starting hand requirements back to cater for the full table, and went all in from early position with pocket 4s. Someone behind me also went all in, and when we turned them over he had Aces.

Given the full table, I should either have limped or just folded in such early position.

Still, generally successful, so I just need to stop myself slipping back into old habits I think.