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Summer? Really?

August 21, 2010
TAF EGDL 200729Z 2009/2103 20012KT 9999 BKN006
        BECMG 2009/2012 20015G25KT BKN010 PROB30 
        TEMPO 2011/2014 6000 RA SCT006 BKN010
        TEMPO 2014/2017 BKN015
        BECMG 2017/2019 20012KT BKN006
        BECMG 2019/2022 BKN004 PROB30 
        TEMPO 2022/2103 4000 -DZ BKN002

Bit of everything in that forecast, but not a pleasant flying prospect particularly. No go for today.

More stuffy ears

August 7, 2010

Was hoping to head off somewhere today to use my IMC Rating for the first time. However, woke this morning with a distinct blocked up feeling in the ears, so made the sensible decision and cancelled the flight. Got another flight planned for Monday, so hopefully will be cleared up by then.

Summer colds. Yay.

July 24, 2010

After Catrin’s first flight, I wanted the next one to be a landaway somewhere. We tried to arrange to meet up with Indy (the Instructor that I did most of my PPL with) at Oxford or somewhere, but sadly she was busy today. So the plan was hatched to head back to Halfpenny Green for a spot of lunch.

Sadly, on Friday Luned and I both started to come down with colds, and although mine wasn’t really developed properly this morning I did have noticeable blockage in the ears and was definitely a little ‘fuzzy’. So, the sensible decision was taken and the flight cancelled. Maybe next time.

Weather too good!

June 27, 2010

Wanted to get my crosswind sign off sorted, so had a flight booked this afternoon. After negotiations with Mike we agreed to rearrange it for the morning so that we could both watch the football in the afternoon.

Sadly, the weather on the day brought almost dead calm winds, so there wouldn’t be much crosswind technique required! Not often you cancel a flight because the weather is too good!


April 2, 2010

Was hoping to start my IMC rating today with two flights with Mike Durand. Sadly I’ve been battling a cold all week, and it still hasn’t cleared. So, had to cancel. Got flights booked for Sunday and Monday, so hopefully will be better by then!

And now it’s the weather

February 28, 2010

After last weekends cancellation because of my cough and cold, this weekend saw lovely weather on the Saturday, but poor weather on the Sunday when I actually had an aircraft booked. Oh well. Fingers crossed for next weekend now!

Back to cancellations again

February 21, 2010

Was hoping to take Luned and Catrin for a flight today. Sadly, the cold and cough that had been threatening to arrive for a week or so finally arrived today, so discretion seemed the best course of action and I cancelled. Try again next weekend!

Flying family? Not this time

December 21, 2009

Since Catrin was born in February, we’d been waiting until she was big enough for the next stage car seat so that we could get one that would work in an aircraft. We’ve now done this, so today we hoped to take her up for her first flight.

Sadly, the winter weather put paid to that, and I’m now likely to drop out of currency with Lyneham (unless I get to fly in the next few days). Will probably end up taking an enforced break until next year now.

Frustrating weather forecast

August 28, 2009

Was due to take Ben flying today with his son, but the TAF for the morning promised strong, gusty winds and the presence of CBs. I cancelled on the basis of this, and spent most of the day looking at relatively clear skies. The wind was pretty strong though, so on balance it was probably a wise decision. Try again tomorrow!

Ok, so sometimes TAFs are right!

July 19, 2009

A bit more predictable weather this time. Low cloud, poor vis and showers all day said the TAF, and so it turned out. Oh well!