2012 Summary

A summary of my flying during 2012:

  • 31:35 flying hours (30:55 P1, 0:40 dual), roughly 2/3 of the hours in the Arrow, 1/3 in the Warriors
  • 33 flights (including 1 currency check on the Arrow and a flight for the renewal of my IMC rating)
  • 16 landaways (only 1 local if you discount the currency check and IMC renewal!)
  • 8 new airfields visited.

My 2012 goals were (summarised):

  • Visit the Continent
  • Use the Northern Chart
  • Visit Caernarfon and Anglesey
  • More ‘sociable’ flying
  • Regain IMC currency
  • Spinning / aeros

I managed to achieve two of these goals. I visited Caernarfon with David, and carried out more ‘sociable’ flying (a number of multi-aircraft trips with David, and a visit to a fly-in at Filton). Although I didn’t really do much to regain IMC currency, I did manage to successfully renew the IMC rating, and carried out some flying in real IMC and a few practice approaches. Sadly, my planned extended trip to Caernarfon was thwarted by a period of pretty awful weather. While not a milestone that has any particular meaning, I have now also passed 200 hours total flight time.

I am regretfully yet to visit the Continent, venture on to the Northern Chart or get some experience of spinning or aeros. These three will remain on my ‘to-do’ list, hopefully to be ticked off next year!

My flying hours are about 15% down on last year for a few reasons. The weather this Summer was often very frustrating, and also having a 3 year old daughter often means I feel bad using my free time at weekends to disappear off by myself to fly rather than spending some quality time with her (although wherever possible I do try to fly with the family as well). Finally, financially things have been a little tighter this year, which has had a slight effect on my flying. My aim when I started out was always to fly 2 or 3 times a month to accumulate 4 or 5 hours a month, so hopefully I can return to this level in the coming year.

One aspect of my flying this year that I’m particularly pleased with is the very low number of ‘local’ flights (in fact just a single one in one Summer evening to prevent dropping out of currency), and the significant number of new airfields visited (half of my landaways this year were to ‘new’ airfields). I believe this is key in maintaining my urge to fly, preventing me from repeating the same old flights over and over, which will only lead to my becoming bored.

Another fairly significant event was my first in-air problem. Looking back, I could have handled this much better, although once I finally gave up trying to resolve the door issue and decided to land and sort it out there, things did go much better. The best way to learn is by experience, so hopefully should something similar happen in future, I’ll be able to focus more on the most important item, which is flying the aircraft!

So, next year I think I should aim to:

  • Make at least one trip to the Continent
  • Visit at least one destination on my Northern Chart (Sherburn or Blackpool?)
  • Re-visit Caernarfon / Anglesey, this time with the family and hopefully for an extended stay
  • Continue to take part in more ‘sociable’ flying like Club fly-outs or visits to fly-ins
  • Make more use of the IMC rating to retain currency, both by carrying out flights that involve some portion in actual IMC, and carrying both practice and real approaches into airfields that provide instrument approaches
  • Get some experience of spinning at least, with perhaps some aeros as well
  • Attempt to fly more often wherever possible
  • Get Luned to do some landing practice, and also a flight or two in the Arrow

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