2011 Summary

A summary of my flying during 2011:

    • 36:50 flying hours (34:50 P1, 2:00 dual), including differences training for a Variable Pitch Propeller and Retractable Gear
    • 34 flights (including 2 training flights for the differences training)
    • 13 landaways (much better than last year!)
    • 5 new airfields visited.

My 2011 goals were (summarised):

    • Complex signoff
    • Aerobatics
    • Night Qualification
    • Taildragger
    • Make use of IMC rating
    • Less ‘quick local’ flights
    • Longer range and a trip to the Continent
    • 100 hours P1

I managed to complete the ‘Complex’ (Variable Pitch Prop and Retractable Gear) signoff relatively soon after the Arrow came back online with the Club. I also managed to make a much higher percentage of my flights ‘real’ flights as opposed to just a quick local. This was important to ensure I didn’t get bored with doing the same old flights over and over again.

I also passed through the ‘magic’ 100 hours P1 barrier, which has increased my Currency limits to 60 days and also enabled me to become self-authorising (I no longer need a signoff from an Instructor each time I fly a Lyneham Flying Club aircraft).

However, the IMC rating has gone all but unused this year. As RAF Lyneham wound down we had less access to Instrument Approaches, and we were eventually forced to leave part way through the year.

Sadly, the money given to me nearly two years ago for some Aeros is still unused, and I still don’t have that elusive Night Qualification! I also failed to get any taildragger time in. Although I did make flights to some slightly further destinations (Lydd, Pembrey and Haverfordwest) I haven’t yet used my ‘Northern’ chart or visited the Continent.

So, next year I think I should aim to:

    • Make at least one trip to the Continent
    • Visit at least one destination on my Northern Chart (Sherburn or Blackpool?)
    • Visit Caernarfon / Anglesey
    • Take part in some more ‘sociable’ flying like Club fly-outs or visits to fly-ins.
    • Regain IMC currency in readiness for my IMC Rating renewal
    • Get some experience of spinning at least, with perhaps some aeros as well

2 Responses to “2011 Summary”

  1. Chris Dixon Says:

    Really enjoying you’re blog. If you want to make Blackpool a stop on your travels then I might see you there. I’m currently doing my PPL at Blackpool and I link to you from my own blog (flying.chrisdixon.net). Hopeful when I pass I’ll have as many family trips out and great experiences as you have done. Keep up the good work.

  2. Andy Hawkins Says:

    Thanks a lot for your comments. Although I started the blog primarily for my own means, it’s nice to know people are reading it and finding it interesting.

    I certainly hope to get up to Blackpool one day. Maybe this year?

    Best of luck with your training, I’ll be keeping an eye on your blog and hope to see some good news soon!

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