An afternoon jaunt to Glorious Goodwood.

I’m always keen to attend the Flying Club AGM in order to provide my support for the Committee and find out what’s in the pipeline. However, in the past making it to Lyneham from work in time for the 6:30 start has often been touch and go, so this time I booked the afternoon off work. It seemed like a good excuse for a flight too, so booked an aircraft for the afternoon.

Was originally hoping to take the family along, but as the day neared it was clear they were both suffering from colds so I didn’t think that was such a good idea. At very short notice (around 10am on the day for a 2pm flight!) I arranged for Sean to accompany me again. As usual, I changed the destination a number of times before finally settling on Goodwood.

The weather on the day was generally good, with good visbility and a high cloud base. It was fairly windy though, and this combined with the temperature was likely to lead to relatively turbulent conditions.

I’d done all my pre-flight planning before arriving, so once I got to Lyneham all I had to do was mark up the chart, get authorisation (helpfully Mike was around so I just asked him) and check the aircraft out.

All the pre-takeoff checks and actions were fine, and we were soon heading out to Junction 15 of the M4 to start the Nav. Once there I set course for Basingstoke (the first turning point) and again offered the controls to Sean. Unsurprisingly he accepted!

We’d received our MATZ penetration clearance from Farnborough Radar early, and had also been warned of significant glider activity around Lasham. Sadly I again forgot to turn the transponder back on after selecting the assigned squawk, so the Controller had to ask me to recycle it. My only defence is that I’ve got used to the Garmin transponder where you just have to type the new Squawk in. On the transponder in G-SNUZ you have to set it back to standby, select the new Squawk and then set it back to ‘Alt’ mode. Must take more care with this in future.

I had to offer a few course correction hints to Sean, we ended up closer to Newbury than we should have, but this route is relatively familiar to me now so it was easy to steer the correct course to the roundabout near Basingstoke that was to be our turning point.

As we turned at Basingstoke we were again warned by the Controller of heavy activity near Lasham, so we steered further West than I had originally intended. I didn’t keep an eye on our new track quite carefully enough though, so I was just about to get Sean to turn back towards Goodwood to avoid the Solent CTA when the Controller warned us that we were getting a bit close. In the circumstances I was just ‘on the ball’ enough to prevent the infringement myself, but it’s a useful reminder that talking to someone like Farnborough can also help reduce the risk of infringements.

We headed on towards Petersfield, before I took back control and we continued on to Goodwood after contacting them to get arrival details. I was using the VOR to aid with the Navigation, but managed to spot Goodwood three times before I found the ‘real’ Goodwood! Grass airfields are often difficult to spot, but this time I had no real excuse as Goodwood is surrounded by the motor racing circuit, so should have been fairly obvious!

Joining Overhead

Joining Overhead

I had some issue orientating myself correctly for the runway in use (again, spotting the grass runways wasn’t as easy), but Sean spotted the numbers on the reciprocal runway and I managed to get myself aligned correctly. Made a good overhead join and deadside descent, but ended up slightly close in on the downwind leg.

As a result of this I ended up quite high on final. I elected to enter a sideslip (deliberately flying the aircraft out of balance, enabling you to put the nose down to descend without picking up too much airspeed) to try to get back on the correct glideslope. Initially it appeared I wasn’t going to make it, and was on the very of going around. However, as we descended through about 300 feet the picture came back and I continued the approach. The landing was nice and smooth (although grass does tend to flatter somewhat!) and I taxyed in to park after asking the Controller for advice on where to go.

We walked in to pay the landing fee past lots of interesting looking machinery. Sadly I’d left the camera in the aircraft so we didn’t get any shots of these from the ground! I’m afraid I can’t tell you what they were as my aircraft identification is barely good enough to spot the difference between a high wing and a low wing!

We had a cup of tea after paying the relatively steep £18 landing fee (their web site lists the prices exc VAT which meant this was a bit of a shot) and then walked back to the aircraft to begin the flight home.

As we walked back a large single departing and making the noise abatement turn which was a useful hint to me to do the same! I think I slightly confused the other aircraft carrying out power checks at the designated point when I moved to turn in behind him as he moved out of the area, but power checks were all fine and we were soon at the hold ready to depart.

Noise abatement turn

Noise abatement turn

I handled all the flying on the return leg, using the NDB at Lyneham to make a direct route from Basingstoke to the airfield. Again there were lots of gliders in the area of Lasham but Sean did a sterling job of lookout on that side. We spotted Lyneham from miles away I aligned us for a left base join. The join and approach went pretty well, but I flared slightly late on landing meaning it was a little flatter than I’d have liked. My speed control was good though, and I easily made the turning for the 18 loop.

The Route and Track

The Route and Track





We taxyed back, refuelled and put the aircraft to bed. On the whole a very enjoyable flight, and another new airfield in the logbook. Despite the rather steep landing fee I think I’d like to go back and spend a bit more time there looking around at the various machinery.

Total flight time today: 2:00
Total flight time to date: 156:50

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