2010 Summary

A summary of my flying during 2010:

  • 33:50 flying hours (14:25 P1, 19:25 dual), including the first renewal of my SEP Class Rating and the issue of an IMC Rating
  • 29 flights (including 10 training flights for the IMC Rating, and 2 attempts at the IMC Rating Flight Test)
  • 4 landaways (is that all?)
  • 1 new airfield visited.

My 2010 goals were:

2010 will hopefully see me train for the IMC rating, and possibly Night Qualification too. Apart from that, the plan is to extend my range, ideally visiting Anglesey (either Valley or Caernarfon on the mainland) and perhaps a trip to the Continent too.

Well, I successfully completed the IMC Rating, but the Night Qualification still eludes me! Maybe this year? I also completely failed to expand my range, failing to get any further than Wolverhampton this year (also my only new airfield).

My goals for next year are to again try to complete the Night Qualification, as well as adding a ‘Complex’ signoff to my log book if at all possible. It might be nice to try to get in some taildragger time too. Also I should get around to spending the money given to me on my 40th birthday (over 18 months ago now!) to go for some aerobatic flights.

Additionally, I want to continue to make use of the IMC Rating. Since gaining the rating most of my approaches back to Lyneham have been ILSs, PARs and SRAs. Hopefully I can keep this up in order to maintain currency with them. Also I want to try to use the IMC Rating to make more flights that would otherwise not have been possible without it, including visiting some other airfields with Instrument Approaches for a bit of variety.

As regards destinations, I think I need to work a little harder to make more of my flights something other than a quick local. While they keep me current, there’s a real danger of me getting bored with this kind of flying, so I need to be extending the distances and destinations of my flights to combat this. A trip to the Continent should also be on my list!

Finally, I’m about 29 hours away from the ‘magic’ 100 hours P1, which will remove the need for me to obtain authorisation from an Instructor at Lyneham before flying. While gaining authorisation is not an onerous task in itself, this is a nice milestone to aim for, and hopefully one I can achieve this year.

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