Red Arrow spotting with the family

Since Catrin was born last February, I’ve been itching to get her up in an aircraft with me to see how she would cope. She’d flown Easyjet over to Northern Ireland earlier this year, and apart from being a bit bored on the flight back she seemed to cope Ok. We’ve had a few failed attempts, but hopefully this time would be it.

We originally planned to do my usual ‘Local’ flight out to the Severn bridges, then up North for a bit, returning via Stroud. However, there was a glider competition based at Nympsfield today, so we thought we’d give that a wide berth!

The next plan was to head to Glastonbury, but that put us a bit close to the RA(T) in place for the Red Arrows display at Yeovilton. So, we decided to go as far as Wells for a local, just to see how she would cope. So, the route planned was Lyneham -> Melksham -> Wells -> Frome -> Melksham -> Lyneham, which should take about an hour. It’d also give us plenty of opportunities to turn back should Catrin not be enjoying the flight. The Red Arrows were also due to transit the area after the display around the time we would be heading back to Lyneham, so we hoped we would get chance to see them.

Catrin had her lunch in the Club’s ‘Departure Lounge’ while I did the checks and got her car seat secured in the back of the aircraft. She was getting a little bored by the time I was done, and seemed eager to get out for her flight!

Can we go yet?

Can we go yet?

A bit different from an Easyjet Airbus!

A bit different from an Easyjet Airbus!

We got Catrin settled in the back, and apart from a bit of a whinge when I put my seat back (it meant it was closer to her than she’s used to with the front seat of a car) and while I did the pre-start checks she was generally fine. She wouldn’t keep her headset on though, so that’s something we have to try to get her used to.

Ready for the off

Ready for the off

Conditions were slightly turbulent, so I had us up at about 3000 feet to try to avoid the worst of it. This was Luned’s first flight in around a year, and coupled with the heat the conditions made her feel a little uncomfortable for some of the flight. Hopefully she’ll get used to it again if we try to fly a little more often.

The passengers behaving themselves!

The passengers behaving themselves!

The flight was generally uneventful, and Catrin appeared to cope really well. She was chattering away to herself for most of the flight and looking out of the windows.

So what's all the fuss about?

So what's all the fuss about?

We flew around Wells a bit so that I could point out the Cathedral to Luned, but her feeling uncomfortable meant she just wanted to head back really. So I brought us back to Lyneham for a good approach and a relatively gentle landing, and got us slowed down in plenty of time to make the turn off at the 18 loop and taxy back.

The route and track

The route and track

Hopefully the next flight will include a landaway!

Oh, and sadly we didn’t spot the Red Arrows while we were in the air, but they did fly right over us on the drive home!

Total flight time today: 1:00
Total flight time to date: 130:55


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