IMC Rating!

Had been trying to tie up with an Examiner ever since the last failed attempt at the IMC Flight Test, so was glad that I managed to find a window in both mine and Graham’s schedules that coincided with some decent flying weather! I hadn’t flown for over 6 weeks, so was also on the verge of dropping out of currency with Lyneham, so it was good to kill two birds with one stone on this flight!

My flight on instruments was generally pretty good despite the long lay off. We headed out towards the CPT VOR to do the tracking exercises. Graham had me track towards the VOR initially, and then had me turn to intercept a different radial as we got closer in. As ever, my trimming was a little poor on this flight, but this was exacerbated by the fact that conditions were perfect for the formation of lots of thermals today!

The recovery from unusual attitudes on full panel was again generally good, although I was perhaps a touch slow to recover from the approach to the stall.

My limited panel work wasn’t great, I had trouble maintaining height and the first couple of turns on the stopwatch weren’t particularly good. I obviously settled in to it though, as the final turn through 180 degrees was a lot better. Recovery from unusual attitudes was again pretty good on limited panel, although as usual I wasn’t particularly good at sorting out the trim!

Graham announced he was happy, and we headed back to Lyneham for an ILS approach. We received vectors for this to avoid having to head all the way to Lyneham only to then head back in this direction to fly the full procedure. My tracking of the ILS was a lot better on this flight, although I did still have a tendency to chase the needles slightly. Thinking back, in my entire flying career I’ve probably only flown about 10 ILS approaches, so hopefully things will improve as I get more practice.

The final approach to landing was generally Ok, but I think I flared a little high so the actual touchdown was a little firmer than I would otherwise have liked. On the taxy back to the Club Graham announced that he was happy, and after all the paperwork was completed I was the new holder (well, almost!) of an IMC Rating!

The track of the flight is below. I’m a little suspicious of the line from Lyneham to the CPT VOR. It looks far too straight for it to be correct, but there do appear to be GPS results all along it, so perhaps it is real!

The GPS track of the flight

The GPS track of the flight

Total flight time today: 1:10
Total flight time to date: 127:20

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