VOR Hold

The main focus for today was getting to grips with holding. This is one of the things I’d been most concerned about after reading the books, as it seemed to be quite involved. We had planned to do this on the previous flight out at the Compton VOR, but as it was so busy we decided that this wouldn’t be such a good idea.

After a normal departure, I was soon under the hood and tracking towards the Brecon VOR. We planned to enter the hold with an inbound track of 270 degrees and left hand turns. We had calculated the appropriate drift and timing for the outbound leg before leaving, so in theory this should have been relatively easy.

The tracks show this to be far from the case though! The first couple of times around the hold I found it pretty difficult to maintain the correct track and level. The last couple of holds felt a whole lot better, but I noticed some odd behaviour from the DI on the outbound leg of our final hold. It was behaving as if it had ‘toppled’, and when we completed and headed back it was shown to be a mile out from the compass setting. As a result, the detail track below shows that our last couple of holds were on a heading of something like 045 for the outbound leg, as opposed to the correct 090.

We tracked back to the LA NDB, and were given another PAR approach. This again went well, and the flight ended in a relatively normal landing.

VOR Holds Overview

VOR Holds Overview

VOR Holds

VOR Holds

More work needed on holds by the look of things! Next flight, some ADF and VOR holds and an ILS.

Total flight time today: 1:50
Total flight time to date: 116:20

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