One frustration after another!

I’m just a couple of hours short of moving up a block in terms of currency (meaning I only have to fly every 40 odd days in stead of 30) so I wanted to try to achieve this with a flight this weekend. Ben had asked if he could come along, so we hatched a plan to head to Dunkeswell for lunch. He was quite keen to fly over his childhood home in Nailsea, so the route was plotted including a transit of the Bristol Zone, with a backup plan to duck underneath it if a Zone Transit wasn’t granted.

Sadly, the weather on the day was far from ideal, with low cloud and a promise that it would lift later in the day. As neither of us had any other plans we decided to wait it out and see if we could at least get some flying in.

As it neared lunchtime, we decided that we’d waited long enough. The weather looked just good enough for some circuits, so I phoned Colerne and got permission from them to go and do a few circuits there. Got an auth from Roger (including a bit of a brief on oval circuits!) and then tried to book out with Air Traffic. No go, they were short staffed over lunch, so weren’t accepting any Flying Club flights during that period. Another phone call to Colerne informed them not to expect us after all!

So, we decided to head out for some lunch, and come back ready to fly as soon as Air Traffic would let us. Found a pub in Lyneham for a quick byte, and let Ben narrowly beat me at pool.

On our return, the weather had improved dramatically, so a new plan was hatched. We would head over to Newbury and see if we could get some shots of Ben’s workplace from the air. So, booked out with Air Traffic (earlier than we thought as Roger had managed to negotiate our exit with them!), got another auth from Roger, and started to walk out to the aircraft.

We were met by Sarah (one of the aircraft’s owners) coming the other way. She seemed surprised to see me, and told me that I couldn’t go flying. Assuming she meant the Air Traffic issue, I told her that was resolved. ‘No’, she said, ‘there are no seats in the aircraft’! She’d assumed because the aircraft was still there several hours into my booking and I wasn’t at the Club that  I wasn’t going flying!

So, I cancelled our booking with Air Traffic and Ben and I sat in the Club waiting for the seats to be put back. They were soon ready, so we finally headed out to the aircraft!

After all that a more superstitious person might have binned the flight altogether, but I decided to go ahead anyway. The flight turned out to be pretty uneventful, we found Ben’s office without too much trouble, and did a couple of orbits above it for him to take some photos. We then headed back via Avebury to get a few photos there too.

As were approached Avebury we were informed of traffic to our South, with no height information. We both kept a good lookout, but couldn’t spot it, despite another warning from the Controller that it was closer still. Without height information it could have been almost anywhere, and the conditions were good and clear now so I’m sure we would have spotted it easily if there were any danger of it getting too close.

The rejoin from Avebury was routine, and I settled us back on the runway with a relatively smooth landing before taxying the length of the runway to the 18 loop. Closed down, refuelled and put the aircraft to bed. A slightly frustrating day, but at least we got in the air!

The eventual route

The eventual route

Total flight time today: 1:05
Total flight time to date: 107:25

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