Looking for a cheaper alternative

Brize have had to put their prices up regularly since I’ve started flying, meaning prices have now risen by about 30% since I started flying just a year ago, meaning I’m now paying £130 per tacho hour.

When I was looking around for a school, I considered Lyneham, but at the time they appeared to have a slight shortage of instructors. However, their rates are £75 per tacho hour, so it was worth giving them another try.

I’d been in touch a number of weeks ago but hadn’t heard anything since, so thought I’d give them another go before deciding to go for the share in the Cherokee.

As a result, I went in to see them today, and to be honest I was pretty impressed with what I saw. They have two very well equipped Warriors, as well as an aerobatic Slingsby Firefly. Also the club has immersion suits, life rafts, foldaway bicycles, life jackets, a portable GPS and all sorts of equipment available for use with their aircraft. They seem happy with people taking them away for weekends and the like too, subject to them being flown for a couple of hours each day.

So, I think we’ll give them a go for a month or two and see what availability is like before going down the share route. I need to have an induction flight to learn the local procedures and make sure they’re happy with me, and then let’s see what happens.

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