Since getting my license I’ve been doing my best to fly as often as I can. However, realistically I can’t fly as much as I’d like due to the costs involved. Currently I’m paying £130 an hour, which means on my budget I can only really afford to fly 2 or 3 hours a month.

One way of reducing that is to buy a share in an aircraft owned by a group. Typically this gives you a relatively low initial outlay, coupled with the option to fly at a lower rate. Also group flying generally gives you the opportunity to take the aircraft away for a number of days, something that flying clubs are often a little less happy with.

So this afternoon I went to look at a Cherokee based at a local farm strip. It’s owned by a group of 8 people, and the mix of people in the group mean that I should be able to get good availability at weekends, the time I’m mostly likely to fly. Also the strip appears to have a nice atmosphere (when we went for a look round on Saturday afternoon there was a barbeque in progress) and free from some of the hassles associated with flying from a place like Brize.

On the whole, I’m definitely tempted. I just need to check that I’ve asked all the right questions, and perhaps see if there’s something else more suitable for me. Ideally I wanted a share in a Warrior, but a Cherokee does most of what I want, with just the slightly lower payload. Perhaps this is a good first step?

3 Responses to “Shareoplane?”

  1. leiafee Says:

    Getting the share in TOMS was the best thing I did for my flying I think. I’ve flown tons more than I would have otherwise, even allowing for the initial cost (which I took out a loan to get)

  2. Andy Hawkins Says:

    Yeah, I don’t think I’m in any doubt that I *should* get a share (half the price an hour is one reason that springs to mind!) but it’s just a question of whether this is the right one. It’s only the second one I’ve been to look at (the first was sold before I got chance to properly investigate) but it seems to fit the bill.

  3. Flying after a long break « Andy’s Blog Says:

    […] flap and got us down to avoid the possibility, and handed back control to me for the rollout. My local knowledge of Oaksey (Ok, I’ve been there once!) meant I had a better idea than Matt did as to where […]

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