Last exam done!

I’d been reading the book for ‘Aircraft General Knowledge and Principles of Flight’ for a few weeks now. This is the biggest subject in the series of ground exams, this one containing 50 questions covering  Principles of Flight, Powerplant, Airframe, Electrical System, Instruments etc.

I was happy that I was getting good 90%+ passes from the Confuser and the AFE Q&A book, so arranged to do the exam with Indi today. Was very surprised how quickly I got through the exam, only taking about 20 minutes for my first pass through. This first pass left me with 9 questions that I couldn’t immediately answer. This wasn’t bad, and as long as my confidence on the other 41 questions wasn’t misplaced meant that I should pass!

Went back through the remaining 9, and relatively easily answer 7 or so of them after a bit of thought. The 8th didn’t take me too long to resolve, leaving me with 1 final question, relating to the operation of the compass. This was a list of 5 statements, and you had to pick the ones that were correct in applying to the compass.

As is often the case, it was a toss up between two of the answers, with me being unable to pick out which of these two statements were true:

Deviation is applied to the compass heading to get magnetic heading

Variation is applied to the compass heading to get magnetic heading

As it happened, I picked the wrong one, but the rest of the answers were correct, giving me a total score of 98%.

So, what’s all of the written exams out of the way now. Got to think about doing my R/T practical in the next few weeks, and then all that’s left is the QXC and Skills Test!

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