Now I know how to navigate!

I’d been reading up on the Navigation exam text for a few weeks now. Was a little worried because on a few of the ‘practice’ questions I’d done, some of the multiple choice answers seemed incredibly precise (difference in magnetic headings of just 3 degrees for example) give the fact that you’d never be able to fly a heading to that degree of accuracy anyway.

So, turned up at the exam and sat myself down. Completed the plog, and started to make my way though the questions. My fears were immediately realised! One of the questions required you to calculate the total flight time. Two of the answers were just 3 minutes apart, and my calculated flight time was slap bang in the middle of the two!

I went through the entire exam as I usually do, completing answers I was sure of, and leaving the ones I was less sure of. The exam consisted of 25 questions, and the 75% pass mark meant you could get 6 questions wrong. When I counted up the ones I was unsure of, there were 6!

This wasn’t looking good, but I made my second pass through the questions, and re-calculated the plog and managed to move the total flight time by half a minute towards one of the two answers that were very close. I completed all the answers I was unsure of, and then made my final pass through, checking that the answer I’d written down matched the one I meant to.

On this pass through, I was suspicious that one of my answers was in fact incorrect. The last exam I did this on, I actually changed my answer from the correct one to an incorrect one, so I was loathe to second guess myself! However, I made the change, and took my answers over to John to get them marked.

As he worked through the answers, he wasn’t making any marks on the answer paper, and after about 2/3 of the way though he said ‘It’s looking good’. He got to the end without making a single marked, and said ‘Yep, you’ve aced it!’ Another 100%.

Next exam is ‘Flight Performance and Planning’, which looks quite limited in scope (the AFE book only contains about 70 pages on the subject) and then I just have the ‘Aircraft Technical’ one to do, which looks a whole lot more involved.

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