Another exam out of the way.

So, John had put me on the spot by offering to allow me to do the Met exam today. While I felt I was nearly ready, I wasn’t completely confident.

He had someone coming in for a trial flight, so suggested I hit the books for an hour or so, and see how I felt once he got back.

This I did, completing all 3 practice papers in the AFE Q&A book, and about two thirds of the questions in the Confuser. I was relatively confident by this point, so decided to go ahead with the exam.

I used my usual technique, making a first pass through the paper answering all the questions I thought I definitely knew the answers to. After this, I was left with 4 or 5 questions, that I went through and answered on the second pass.

I made a final pass through, re-reading all the questions, choosing an answer and checking that this matched the answer I had actually noted down. One of the questions at the end I came up with a different answer, and on further study decided that the new answer was the correct one.

Big mistake! I got 95%, with the only incorrect answer being the one I’d changed. And my first answer was correct!

Oh well, next exam will be Navigation.

2 Responses to “Another exam out of the way.”

  1. leiafee Says:

    Sod’s law that the one you change will be from right to wrong!

  2. Andy Hawkins Says:

    Indeed! It was obvious afterwards that the original one was right. Oh well, I guess 95% will do!

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