Another comedy of errors!

What a day!

Spoke to Asma in the morning as the weather in Swindon was looking decidedly miserable. However, the METAR and TAF for Brize Norton both looked Ok, so we agreed to meet there.

Arrived arround 11:15, and went to pick up the weather and NOTAMS (a first for me). Despite it looking a bit grim on the airfield the weather man assured us that it was flyable, and might even improve slightly as the day wore on.

So, when we got back I headed out to the aircraft (minus keys, as they weren’t where they were supposed to be) and dragged it out of the hangar (after seeing that the keys had been left in it overnight). Did a full ‘A’ check and was just settling myself in when I saw Asma walking out, shaking her head.

Apparently ATC wouldn’t allow us to leave, as they were convinced that it was IFR conditions.

So, Luned and I headed out for lunch in a local pub. At one point Luned asked (jokingly) ‘So, have you still got the keys then?’

It was then that I realised I didn’t remember putting them back where they belonged! A quicl check found them to be still in my coat pocket. Doh.

Luckily we had finished eating, so left the pub and headed back to Brize. My phone had no signal where we were, so if anyone had been trying to contact us they would have been out of luck.

As we went through the gate to the base, the phone rang. It was Barry, asking where the keys where! I dropped Luned off so that she could take the keys back, and parked the car. Then I saw Asma and Barry leaving the ten-pin bowling alley (which is near the flying club). When we reached the club, Luned was nowhere to be seen! She’d decided that as Asma and Barry weren’t there, they must have been out at the plane, so had gone tearing off to give them the keys!

So, all this sorted, Asma and Barry went off for a sortie of circuits. Weather wasn’t great, but they were just visible at 1000 feet on the downwind leg of the circuit.

They returned, and I headed straight out to to the transit check, and again was just getting settled into the seat when Barry came walking out. ATC had said the airfield was IFR again!

So, a decidedly disappointing day all told really! And to cap it all, just before we left, Charlie called to say that there was little point trying to fly tomorrow morning, and we should just try to get the afternoon session in.

Oh well, the great British weather eh?

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