On the horns of a dilemma…

Arrived today to find out that not only was this week’s lesson cancelled, but now next week’s will be too. This will mean it’ll be at least 6 weeks between flights by the time I get to fly again.

I was already starting to wonder whether it would be better to bite the bullet and pay more for lessons where I could get more in per week (ideally I’d like to fly for a couple of hours on both Saturday and Sunday) with a view to trying to get the PPL out of the way in a more timely fashion.

So today I went to visit another prospective school. This one is closer to me (about 30 mins travelling as opposed to 45) but will put up the hourly rate from about £114 to more like £155. This is likely to add about £1600 to the total cost of the PPL, but should hopefully mean I can complete it much quicker.

So, I’ve got a decision to make. It’s not going to be easy…

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