I suppose it couldn’t last!

Human Performance exam this morning. Followed my usual routine, having a last read through my notes immediately before the exam. Then worked through the questions answering all the ones I was sure of on the first pass.

In this case that only left one question, and again there was a choice between two answers that I thought were correct. I made an educated guess and passed the paper to John to mark.

Well, my 100% record is now gone. I scored 95% (one question wrong). Annoyingly it was one of the ones I thought I had answered correctly! It was a question regarding how your approach would be affected on a runway that was narrower than you were expecting.

In hindsight, I knew the answer, but ended up picking the exact opposite. Oh well, perhaps I should take a bit more time over it in future.

 So, what next? Met? Or Aeroplane Technical? Hmm, decisions decisions…

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