Communications theory

Trying to work through the exams I need before solo, so went in to Brize early today because John (an examiner) was around. He didn’t seem too sure we would fit in the exam, but as it happened someone didn’t turn up for their slot so we managed to do it.

30 questions this time, and there were only really 2 that I couldn’t immediately answer on the first pass through. As in the previous exam, both of these ended up with only two possible correct options, so it was a matter of choosing the most appropriate from those.

I made what I thought was the correct choice, and after a quick double check of the answers I’d written (after getting several wrong during the practice exams purely because I’d ticked the wrong box) I handed the paper over to John for marking.

Had a quick look over his shoulder when he was about two thirds of the way through marking to see no crosses on there, so was relatively confident, and he later confirmed it by saying ‘Yep, no problems with that one’. On checking the form after he had completed it, I found I had got another 100%!

Surely this can’t continue!

Human Performance next. Will try to slot that one in next weekend if at all possible.

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