Circuits again!

More time in the circuit again today, this time with John. John has a different style of instruction to some of the other instructors, but I’m coming to learn that I think it actually suits me better.

Brize also did their best to scupper my flying plans by announcing that they wouldn’t allow circuits from 1 pm until 3 pm (my slot was 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm) but luckily Lynne was around and managed to swap my slot with someone else, so I started around 3:30 or so.

For the first couple of circuits, John was picking me up on pretty much every mistake I made, which is a little frustrating at the time because it feels like you’re not making any real progress. However, after the first couple he pretty much shut up and let me get on with it, with just the odd comment here or there.

This allowed me to make the mistakes (plenty of them!) but I was having to spot them myself and correct them, or realise what happened if you didn’t correct them appropriately. As a result of this I think I made more of an improvement over the course of this session that I have in a number of the previous ones.

Apart from the first landing where I’d asked John to demonstrate so that I could follow through and get the ‘picture’ in my mind, I don’t think John ever really touched the controls except to show me when I’d really done something wrong. This meant that I was seeing the results of the bad decisions I was making rather than perhaps having them glossed over by a small correcting input or prompt from the instructor.

I think most of the landings in this session were relatively acceptable. There was one or two that were barely acceptable, but I didn’t break anything, and as they say any landing you can walk away from and use the plane again is a good one!

So, just need to continue with this progress. At least next time I won’t have the pressure of Luned and Mum watching from the sidelines and hanging on my every R/T slip! 🙂

Total flight time today: Dual 1:05 – Solo – 0:00
Take-offs: 6 – Landings: 6

Total flight time to date: Dual 12:15 – Solo 0:00
Take-offs to date: 27 – Landings to date: 27

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