And more circuits…

More circuits today. Weather as good as you can get visibility wise but the temperature meant it was quite ‘lumpy’ around the circuit.

I’ve pretty much nailed the take-off, crosswind and downwind legs now. The turn to base I often do too early, and as a result this means I’m too high on the rest of the approach and end up diving towards the runway during the last phase.

Got this right on the last approach, but I’m still not able to judge this side of things correctly myself, and Asma kept having to give me hints every now and again.

Still not quite got the final landing phase right. Keep either rounding out too early, or too much meaning I bleed away airspeed while still a good few feet away from the runway. Hopefully it’s just a question of more and more practice!

No more flights now for about 10 days or so. Perhaps the break will be good for me. 

Total flight time today: Dual 0:50 – Solo – 0:00
Take-offs: 5 – Landings: 5

Total flight time to date: Dual 11:10 – Solo 0:00
Take-offs to date: 21 – Landings to date: 21

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