Still more circuits…

In the circuit again today. Slight problem with fuel (the bowser is empty) so we had to cut it short a little. However, got 4 more circuits in, with three landings and my first go-around.

No major dramas in a go-around. We did this one from about 400 feet after just getting established on final. Simple matter of applying full power, removing the ‘drag’ flap and then allowing the speed to build up. As we get past climb speed (80 knots), pitch up, and as we see a positive rate of climb, remove the next stage of flap. Repeat the process with the final stage. Finally, move to the ‘dead’ side of the runway, and climb back up to circuit height.

Landings are getting better, but it was very bumpy around the circuit. Getting established on final was particularly tricky, but it was good practice in keeping on top of the aircraft and making it do what I want to do, not what the wind does!

One approach was particularly hairy. We got down to a couple of hundred feet, nicely lined up with the centre line and on a good descent profile. I looked down at the air speed indicator to check speed was Ok, and felt a bit of a lurch from the wind. I looked up again, and by this time we were about 50 feet to the left of the runway!

Got it back nicely on the centre line and continued to do a touch and go. Getting the hang of levelling off correctly at circuit height, and now I’m leaving it a little longer to turn from downwind to base I also feel I’ve got more time to get the aircraft settled on the descent.

A good session, and despite the weather I could have happily stayed up there all day. Asma was nice about my flying again, and my exercise report sheet concluded with words to the effect of ‘Nearly ready for solo, get your self sorted with the exams and stuff!’


Total flight time today: Dual 0:45 – Solo – 0:00
Take-offs: 3 – Landings: 3

Total flight time to date: Dual 10:20 – Solo 0:00
Take-offs to date: 16 – Landings to date: 16

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