Air law

Arrived early at Brize today, and the weather wasn’t playing (low cloudbase that stopped even circuits happening). So, I took the chance to take the Air Law exam that I’d been studying for over the last week or so.

On my first pass through the paper, I answered 30 of the 40 questions that I was pretty convinced I knew the answer to.

Of the ten questions remaining, I went through them again and there were a few I was *pretty* sure I knew the answers to. I answered these on the second pass.

Final pass was the last 5 or 6 questions. On each of these there were two obviously wrong (to me at least) answers. I then made an educated selection from the two remaining answers. One of the questions I was particularly unsure was regarding when you had to carry a life raft. The 4 answers were a combination of 100 and 200 nm and km.

I *knew* that it was one of the 100 somethings, I just couldn’t entirely remember the units involved. I think this is one of the questions (and indeed the regulations) where the mixing of units (km, feet, metres, nm etc.) is particularly confusing. I’m surprised they didn’t standardise on one set of units.

Anyway, at the end of the day my revision and the advice I received on various forums obviously worked. I scored 100%! 🙂

6 more to go!

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