Sometimes persistance is a good idea

Weird night at the tables last night.

Due to a drop in confidence and some losses recently I’m back down at $.05/$.10 when playing cash games. As ever, these tables are littered with fish, but occasionally you can get 3 or 4 players that know what they’re doing and have a good game.

Last night started out very much in the ‘lots of fish’ camp. Within a couple of orbits I’d lost relatively big pots with AA, QQ, TT and on two occasions where I had AJ v A10, and the A10 guy flopped two pair.

I initially bought in for $10, then when that went, put in another $5. When that second buy-in was gone, I was on the verge of leaving the table, but one of the fish was taunting me to come back (he saw the flop something like 90% of the time when he was at the table).

Against my initial feelings, I bought in for another $5. Suddenly, everything started going well. I picked up a couple of big hands to get rid of the fish that had taunted me, and a few good players joined the table enabling some ‘real’ play (where people actually knew what the fold button was for). This gave some scope for making some moves that would get respect, and not have some donkey call you down to the river with bottom pair to hit his miracle 2 outer…

Soon I was back level at $20, and not long after that was $20 up.

I think it all goes to reinforce what I’ve been feeling: I can play against ‘good’ players, but just can’t handle fish properly. I guess it’s time for another decision as to whether I’m gonna carry on grinding it out at the lower levels hoping to build up a bankroll so that I can move up, or just bite the bullet, stick a load of cash in and move straight up to something like $.50/$1 to try to play against a ‘better’ field of players.

Thinking cap on…

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