It had to happen eventually!

Well, it turned out to be 5th time lucky.

Confirmed in the morning that the lesson was going ahead, then turned  up at Brize at 13:30 or so. Found out that I’d written down the lesson time down incorrectly (scheduled for 15:30 not 14:30 as I’d written down!) so I had a couple of hours to kill. Read through the club order book and checklists while watching the heavy aircraft through the window.

Chris took us up in the air (heavy crosswind) after taking me slowly (and probably painfully) through all the pre-flight checks. Headed South for Faringdon and then I took control.

Covered basic effects of controls, doing straight and level, elevator, aileron, rudder, power, flaps and trim and finally combinations of all three. After a while we headed back, reporting over Faringdon before me taking her back into the zone after getting clearance. Chris took over for the turn onto final and I followed through on the controls for landing.

Taxi’d back to the hangar (a little too quickly perhaps!) before a pause while waiting to park as someone manoeuvred another of the club’s aircraft out of the way.

Think I was getting to grips with things Ok, and his post-flight comments on my training record were ‘confident and smooth’.

Now got to actually get my head down and get some lessons in so that I can progress. Chance of one this Saturday if I can move other commitments around, otherwise I’ll try to start in earnest with a few afternoons off work. Next lesson – Straight and Level 1 and 2.

Total flight time today: Dual 0:55 – Solo – 0:00
Take-offs: 0 – Landings: 0

Total flight time to date: Dual 0:55 – Solo 0:00
Take-offs to date: 0 – Landings to date: 0

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