Live cash game

Luned had a load of work to do last night, so suggested I go to Dave H’s place for a cash game (I hadn’t been planning to attend).

So, I went, figuring I’d give it a couple of hours and see how it went. Started well, winning a big pot early on. A few hands later though I was back to my starting stack of £50.

Went up and down for a while, before beginning a steadily downward spiral. Got bluffed off a couple of pots which is annoying, but I really didn’t think I had enough to call with.

Ended up down to about £6, and getting KJ off. Figured it was time to try and double up and ended up all in against Dave H. He turned over 10 10 (about the best kind of hand I could wish to be against) and I spiked a Jack on the turn to double through.

A few hands later, and it was me and Dave H again. In the big blind, I looked down at KQ off. Dave H raised to £1.50 (blinds were 25p / 50p). Everyone else folded, and I called.

The flop was a dream AJ 10, two hearts. I checked, Dave bet £5. I min-raised to £10, and Dave put me all in. Obviously I called, and Dave turned over pockets aces, giving him trips.

Basically he had 7 outs on the flop (the remaining ace, 3 Jacks and 3 10s). The turn was a blank, effectively giving him 3 more outs to pair the board. The river was (all too predictably) the case Ace.

So, I can’t even win when I flop the nuts!

Poker is a cruel game sometimes…

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