First experiment with poker and alcohol!

On Saturday evening, a small group of us met at Mark’s place for a night of small tournaments before him and Dave H head off to Vegas.

For the first time (partly linked to the departure of my Westfield earlier in the day) I decided to take a bit to drink with me. Started with a half-bottle of red wine, but that didn’t last long (partly due to Mark giving me a pint glass to drink it from!), so Luned was sent for with a refill.

1.5 bottles of wine, and 3 tournaments later, the results were:

  • 4th place (bubble) going out when my AA was beaten by AQ suited.
  • 3rd place (paid!)
  • 2nd place (again paid!)

In the first tourney I had an incredible run of cards. Inside the first orbit I’d had AA, JJ, AK and 99. I still think I played a pretty good game though, making a couple of moves on people who put me on a winning hand when I didn’t have it.

I do think I played some of the best poker ever, not sure whether it was the alcohol loosening me up a little, or just being in a better frame of mind.

Hmm…worth considering for the future though!

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