Report from Dave’s Lucky Lady Lounge II

Very disappointing turnout for the event on Saturday. Andy has just moved house so didn’t have access to the Internet (and hence forgot), and we had one no-show.

So, Dave, Mark, Lee and myself sat down and played the £10 second chance as planned. First tourney was going relatively well for me before my top pair was outdrawn by Mark’s flush draw. My rebuy didn’t last too much longer either, and I ended up being first out. I did feel I was playing much more aggressive poker though, not sure if the short handed format was better for me or what?

First tourney was over by about 22:15, so we went pretty much straight into another one with the same format. I tried to play the same game as in the first one, and this time it worked out much better for me.

Ended up heads-up against Mark, and (I can’t rememeber the last time this happened) Andy Wins!

Ended the evening with a profit of £10 (two £10 second chances with a rebuy in each – £50 for winning the second), but was much more pleased with the way I played than anything.

Need to work out now if it’s the short handed nature that helped, or whether I was just in a more ‘agressive’ frame of mind?

Something to work on at any rate.

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