Tournaments, cash games and Christmas turkey!

Well, been a while since I updated this, so I’ll try to remember what’s been going on.

Since the big tourney at the KC Club, I’ve been back playing my usual cash games online. Mixed success, but generally a positive trend so I’m relatively happy with the way I’m playing at the moment. The small downward ‘blip’ after the KC Club event appears to have been short-lived, which is good!

Had a bit of a disappointment in a couple of fairly large MTTs, going out on the bubble in both of them with pocket pairs.

In the first I was seriously short stacked at the final table, with the chip leader to my left. I had pocket fours, and went all in for what was barely a minimum raise. The chip leader announced ‘I have to call’ and showed 67 suited. Obviously, a 7 came and that was the end of my tourney.

About a week later I was in slightly better shape, and we were heading down from the high 40s players remaining down to the paying positions of 45th and upwards. In good position I was dealt pocket Jacks, and raised all in (about 4 times the big blind). Again I was called, my one caller showing King rag off-suit. Obviously, a King came, and once it did I looked to the bottom of the table to see ‘Players: 46’. Yet again I was the bubble boy!

Saturday the 9th was the Swindon Poker Live Christmas meal at the Running Horse in Swindon. About 15 of us sat down to eat mid afternoon, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

Then, in the early evening we all invaded Mark’s place for our first ‘deep-stack’ tourney. Instead of our usual 2500 starting chips, with blinds starting at 25/50 and rounds of 20 minutes, we all started with 5000 chips, the same starting blinds but with 30 minute rounds.

We were up to round five before the first person went out (when a short stack bet out all in, into my pocket Aces), and the game went on until about 1:45 the next morning.

I made it well into the final table of 8 players (we were paying the top 4) when I was dealt pocket threes in the small blind. The button (Dave Redshaw who is known to make the odd move) made a standard raise, and I called for about a quarter of my stack. I’d pretty much decided it was gonna be all in or fold on the flop. The flop came K 3 blank, rainbow with no straight draws, what appeared a dream flop for my threes.

I checked, and Dave pushed all in behind me. Knowing I had him covered, I immediately called and flipped over my threes. He showed QQ, and a Queen came on the turn, leaving me drawing virtually dead to the one remaining 3 (which didn’t come). Dave Hartnoll could be heard to comment ‘Poor old Andy never seems to get much luck in these games’ 🙂

So, I was crippled basically, and despite a bit of a rally (catching a miracle straight when I couldn’t even make up the big blind when holding 67) I ended up going out in 4th place, receiving £50 (a profit of £20).

I then squandered most of this in a cash game afterwards, leaving me with a profit on the night of £4.50. Not bad for about 8 hours work!

Still, I think everyone enjoyed the different format, and hopefully it’ll be something we can add to our repertoire in the future.

One more game planned for 2006, and then hopefully we’ll be heading into 2007 with some new ideas, and I can maintain my record of cashing out in live games (the last 3 live events I’ve attended have seen me leaving with a profit).

Plus we’ll have the added bonus of seeing how one of our members does at the EPT event in Deauville in February. I hope he remembers me if he wins big! 🙂 

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