First tourney at the KC Club

On Saturday we held our first tournament at the KC Club. 38 people played, with prizes for the first 8 finishers ranging from £230 down to £30.

Had a really good night, although being TD as well as playing in such a big event did lead to some stress at times! A computer glitch losing all the history for the first 22 players to bust out did nothing to help settle my nerves either!

We had to reduce the round times towards the end to fit in with our curfew (which we overran slightly despite this) so the final table all went in a bit of a blur really. Perhaps we need to consider starting earlier for events of this size, maybe starting in the afternoon and then having a break for food at some point?

Still, for a first event I think it went very well. Most people I spoke to seemed to have enjoyed it, and there weren’t too many negative comments during or after the event.

I think I played fairly solidly for most of the event, making the final table with a fairly healthy stack. The blinds were getting big then, so when I made my all-in move with K9 I didn’t hold out too much hope. My opponent showed something like QJ though, so it wasn’t all over. The obligatory J did kill me though, and I left in 5th place with a £40 profit.

The final table finished as follows:

  1. Paul Hunt (£230)
  2. Roscoe Passant (£130)
  3. Aaron Chilcott (£90)
  4. Alan Croton (£80)
  5. Andy Hawkins (£60)
  6. Rich Vincent (£50)
  7. Donna Redshaw (£40)
  8. Danni Walker (£30)

On the whole, I think it was a very successful night, and I hope we’ll be back there again in the future.

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