Another good few days

Had another good few days at the tables, both online and live.

On Thursday we went down to the KC club to check out what they were like when we were actually playing. Had a great night, and I’m not just saying that because I cashed in the second sit-n-go I played! Ended up heads up with Kenny, and slow played my pocket QQs from the short stack in the small blind. An 8 high flop looked pretty good to me, so I went all in, and Kenny quickly called.

He was holding an 8, and another came on the river. Oh well, that’s poker! Still, leaving with a profit of £30 on the night wasn’t too bad on the whole.

Over the weekend I played some more online and had generally good results. Made about $20 on 3 of the 4 cash tables I played in (currently I’m playing $.1 / $.2, generally sitting down with $20) and finished 8th of 107 in a $25 + $2.5 MTT on Sunday evening, getting about $80 for my trouble.

Lesson from the weekend? I must remember to make the adjustment from playing in the final 2 tables with 5 players on each, to going to the final table with 9 players. I neglected to switch my starting hand requirements back to cater for the full table, and went all in from early position with pocket 4s. Someone behind me also went all in, and when we turned them over he had Aces.

Given the full table, I should either have limped or just folded in such early position.

Still, generally successful, so I just need to stop myself slipping back into old habits I think.

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