Poker frame of mind?

Another thing I seem to get wrong with online poker is playing when I’m really not in the right frame of mind for it. Monday was a supreme example.

I sat down at my usual $.1 / $.2 cash game with $20. Built it up a little, went down a little, and lost it all, including a couple of questionable calls that outdrew me.

At this point I should have realised that enough was enough, and left. However, I decided I would ‘show them’, and bought in for another $20.

I built this back up to just over $40 (which would have meant I could leave even) but sheer bloody-mindedness made me stay to try to make a decent profit. Of course, I lost the lot.

I should have realised while I was playing that I really wasn’t playing my best game, as I don’t think my head was in the right place for poker.

The following day, I thought I’d try again. I bought in for $20 as usual, and relatively quickly built this up to over $40. This time, I left the table, had a quick breather and joined another with $20. This soon became something like $38, which meant in a relatively short time I had recouped most of my losses of the previous day.

I need to work out why I played so much better on Tuesday than I did on Monday, and try to identify this before it costs me too much money. $40 isn’t a huge amount to lose, but as (hopefully) I move up through the limits, my buy-ins are only going to get bigger.

Best I learn this lesson now while it’s relatively cheap I think!

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