Chris Spiller’s place

With one late cancellation, we had 8 people playing at Chris Spiller’s place last night. Some problems finding the place in the maze that is Greenmeadow, but we weren’t alone in doing that!

The first game was a bit of an eye opener, particularly given the three new faces who all knew each others game. Chris Spiller started out playing very agressively on what he eventually showed was a complete bluff. Balls of steel obviously!

I had an awful first game. Absolutely no cards, and whenever I tried to take advantage of my tight table image people always had big hands behind me. I doubt I won a pot, certainly not one of any size. I was out in 6th and took over dealing duties to give me something to do. One of the longest heads up battles in a while saw Kevin take the first game, handing out a bad beat to Ben.

Kevin’s winning hand

The second game saw Donna replacing Trem, and me seeing a bit of a turnaround in terms of the hands I was being dealt. Pocket Queens twice in the early stages helped me build up a strong stack, but an over-exuberant play of second pair on the flop soon knocked me back to near my starting stack when Donna called with the top pair. Must work on my continuation betting!

From then on, things just went downhill really, the clincher being a horrible beat when Dave H caught a straight on the river (although he did have second pair, a gutshot draw and a flush draw when he called my all in on the flop). I still had chips left, but soon ended up all in on the big blind with 83 suited, and finishing 5th this time.

Again I took over dealing duties, and heads up were Dave H (a remarkable comeback) and Ben. A straightforward race ended the game, with Dave H catching an Ace on the river to beat Ben’s pocket 7s.

Dave H’s winning hand

Not one of my better nights, it has to be said.


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